Music and stories from around the world in Portugal

Joy and communion were the pervasive ingredients of Batucaria workshops in Portugal, focusing exploration of sounds, instrumental and body percussion, voice and lyrics. These reunited more than 40 people from 11 different nationalities, aged between 8 to 62 years old.

With the worldwide pandemic the rehearsals of this multicultural and intergenerational Orchestra started to happen online every week, revealing the resilience of the group. There was held more than 10 online workshops, occurring every Saturday until June 6th, exploring body movement, creative writing and sound landscapes from America, Europe and Asia. The journey took us to maracatu, flamenco and madal rhythms through home objects and body.

Along with Batucaria workshops, Carla Costa from Renovar a Mouraria developed the project “Stories and music from around the world” with the participation of 31 migrants and non-migrants, from 23 different nationalities, that took part on a video project. The participants had chosen to read or interpret authors from their homelands, from prose and poetry to music.

Production, Communication and Artistic Direction: Carla Costa | Musical Direction and Video Edition: Nuno Cintrão | Batucaria Orchestra Facilitation: Frederico Furtado

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