Literary magazine at Feira do Livro de Lisboa

Within the scope of the launch of the bilingual literary magazine “Mundos daqui e além mar”, conceived by Carla Costa and gathering 38 texts chosen by 31 migrants and non-migrants, from 23 different nationalities, Renovar a Mouraria held a reading and musical session at Feira do Livro de Lisboa, on the 12th of September, at 14h.

Took part in this session Ibraheem Wardeh (Syria), Krystyna Dmytryeva (Ukraine), Larib Mujahid (Pakistan), Letícia Vilela (Brazil), Margarita Sharapova (Russia), Paulo Tavares (Cape Verde), Rosi Ferh (Brazil), Sabee Shrestha (Nepal), Sandra Suyama (Brazil with Japanese ancestry) and Vladislav Cebotari (Moldova).

The literary magazine is bilingual, making it possible to discover texts in national migrant languages ​​and in Portuguese. The countries represented are Germany, Angola, Argentina, Bangladesh, Brazil, Cape Verde, China, Ecuador, USA, Netherlands, Italy, Japan, Mozambique, Moldova, Nepal, Pakistan, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Russia, Syria, Venezuela and Ukraine.

The session ended with a Batucaria concert.