Intimate Bridges meet online

The third international meeting with all partners, foreseen to happen in Lisbon, occurred online due to Covid restrictions, from 8th to 9th of April. One of the highlights was the webinar Best practices in the inclusion of migrants through arts, with four speakers from Portugal, Greece, Italy and Austria.

The webinar had the participation of Raquel Fernandes, direction and executive producer at Largo Residências, Photini Papahatzi, cultural manager, educator, artist and director of Artifactory, Valentina Bellanova, musician from ALMAR’À, and Sheri Avraham, artist, curator, theatre maker, teacher and chairwoman of IG BILDENDE KUNST. The mediation of the session was assured by Carla Costa.

Besides this, the agenda of the meeting included a team building session with creative writing with Carla, and sessions on the impact of the workshops and performances, modelling process, administrative and financial issues.

Full programme here.