How a place becomes a person…in Greece

The workshops “How a place becomes a person…” brought together 40 migrant and non-migrant adults currently residing in Athens, aged between 18 and 69, from 10 countries in an attempt to genuinely connect to each other within an intimate space for exchanges, memory transfer and creativity.

Between 8th February and 7th March, 4 workshop meetings happened.   Due to the physical nature of the work, the workshops were interrupted in order to keep the team members safe from COVID-19, but 2 online meetings were made during the lockdown as 1 live meeting after the end of the quarantine. Workshops will start again in the fall and will result in a performance which is now rescheduled to open on 26th February 2021. The international conference on Participatory Performing Arts is now planned for 17-19 March 2021.